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Bo Kamer Guesthouse
South Africa

Your cleanest and most comfortable stay in the town of Ermelo
Where everybody is repected as the crown of Gods creation

Local Attractions

Recommended places to visit:
  • Anglo Boer War monuments.
  • Paul Kruger bridge: Upon its construction in 1897, at 124m it was the largest bridge in the Transvaal. Now a national monument over the Vaal river.
  • The origin of the Vaal river
  • Historical buildings
  • Battlefields
  • Cemetery of both British and Boer soldiers side by side
  • Many activities from stargazing to frog-viewing outings

 History of Ermelo
Ermelo developed from the site of a church built in 1871 by the Rev. Frans Cachet and the site named after his friend from a town named Ermelo in the Netherlands.
The first trade license being granted in 1884. Because of the numerous small lakes and rivers in the region and well before the town was formaly established, the site has been used for many years as a stopping place for wagon trains traveling between Lydenburg on the Mpumalanga escarpment and Natal.
The area was well known for its horse breeders and small livestock, and the first agricultural show was held in 1889.
Ermelo was completely destroyed during the 2nd Anglo-Boer war and has been rebuilt since to become the pride of the Eastern Highveld